Bentley Action Group is very pleased to report that Northbrook Park has been removed as a Major Development Site from the emerging EHDC Local Plan.        

On 12th June EHDC announced following their Major Site Consultation which closed in October that they would be including only Whitehill & Bordon (1,300 houses) in the draft Local Plan, which they hope to adopt within the next 12 months. They are not ready to include a second major development site. Therefore, the Northbrook site has been taken out of the draft Local Plan.


However, EHDC also announced that they intend to continue to search for a second major development site in the A31 corridor, which means that all seven sites under review (including Northbrook) remain in play, but that any decision would be for a future Local Plan exercise, probably in 4-6 years.


See EHDC announcement in full:


Whilst this is an important victory in the first engagement of a battle to defend the beautiful countryside of our North Wey valley, the battle is not yet won. The developer has committed major resources to the Northbrook project and is likely to try again. We must remain vigilant.


Very many thanks to all our friends and supporters who have committed considerable amounts of time and money to the successful campaign.  


Bruce Powell and Richard Leonard

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The flooding in February 2020  has been significantly worse than the flooding seen in December 2019.   It has resulted in:  

A31 between Bentley and Farnham being closed for 3 days.

The River Wey close to record levels.

Entire North Wey valley flooded from Holybourne through to Farnham.  

Following Storm Ciara and the December floods, less than 2 inches of rain (15th/16th Feb) fell on saturated ground, the extra water had nowhere to go.

The most recent floods present an increasingly high risk to Farnham town centre.  That risk can only be increased by canalisation, if we build on the North Wey flood plains.  

Planning rules require that planners take account of Environment Agency flood zone designations.    At Northbrook the December and February floods have totally inundated the designated flood zones.  Planners are required to make further allowance for the effects of future climate change.  

We believe that EHDC planners should not consider any development south of the A31 at Northbrook Park where there is such a significant Flood Risk

Here are some powerful images of the February 2020 floods.    Click here to download a full panoramic view of the floods at Northbrook on Feb 16th.  



December 2019 saw heavy rainfall and major flooding in the North Wey valley. Northbrook Park is situated on the A31, which is straddled by the proposed development. The area to the south of the A31 at Northbrook Park, which is largely designated Flood Zone 2 or 3, was seriously inundated in December as were the flood plains around Wrecclesham and Farnham. The A31 was temporarily closed due to the flooding at Northbrook and was reduced to one lane for approximately10 days.  This flooding comes as no surprise to local residents who have seen flooding on this scale many times over the years, most recently in 2014. 


Here are some powerful images of the most recent flooding in December in the North Wey valley, at Northbrook, Wrecclesham and Farnham.  The Environmental Agency defines Flood Zones as below. It is required that Planners must additionally make allowance for further future global warming when considering Flood Risk. 

• Zone 2 – floods once every 100 – 1000yrs

• Zone 3 – floods every 100 years or more 


We believe that EHDC planners should not consider any development south of the A31 at Northbrook Park where there is such a significant Flood Risk

A selection of aerial images showing the water meadows to the South of the A31 have been provided by Allan Arthurs of Media Techniche Ltd.  



Please note that all of these images have been considerably reduced in size & resolution in order to display in Google Photos.

The first image in the collection is presented in the form of a 360 Panorama; you will need to click on the 360 Circle Logo and wait for the image to load before you can pan & zoom around using your mouse.



Bentley Action Group held a meeting with senior EHDC planning officers on 5th December 2019 to discuss Northbrook and the next stage of the new draft Local Plan:


  • The recent EHDC Large Site Consultation has elicited some 3,500 responses which will take some time to digest. There is lots of work to do before EHDC officers will be making recommendations to Council about the next steps in the Local Plan process 

  • It is unlikely to be March/April 2020 before EHDC reports back on the Consultation. The whole Local Plan process is running late and is unlikely to complete much before June 2021


See the Agenda of matters raised and the notes of EHDC officers’ responses